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Starting Online Store

  • I am not too tech savvy, and have no IT experience. Will I be able to set up my catalog of products on my own?

    The essence of thecommercecafe lies in the simplicity of our platform. Setting up your catalog is easy as snap, on our wizard-like interface, and you should be able to set up in no time. We also make it a point, to offer a demo to all our customers, so that they can experience the simplicity and ease of using thecommercecafe firsthand. Of course, should you need any assistance or help in setting it up yourself, we are just a phone call away.

  • How much time would it take for me to set up my entire product catalog?

    That would depend entirely on the number of and type of products you have. However, we have tried to keep the catalog building process as simple and efficient as possible for you, vis-a-vis going through the entire process of adding a product and it's details right from scratch for every individual product you wish to sell.

    We also have an option for bulk upload of your product images. You can just select multiple images, and is done.

  • What kind of products can I sell at my online store?

    Virtually anything that can be legally sold on the internet. Some of the existing stores using the thecommercecafe platform sell stuff that ranges from wacky T-shirts, apparel, designer footwear and personal accessories, to products like personalized chocolates, health juices and handicrafts. So if you're a designer who makes creative stuff, a small-time SME that manufactures an awesome product/s, or the aunty in your neighborhood who makes mouth-watering home-made chocolates, thecommercecafe can help you establish your presence online, and make your products easily accessible to a much wider audience.

  • How long does it take after I build my product catalog, for all of the products to appear on my online store?

    The additions/changes you make to your catalog would be effective on your store, as soon as you click the "Update" button on the 'Add Product' page. As we have said before, you are in complete control of your online store, and can make changes, additions, deletions as per your requirements, and they will reflect immediately on your store.

  • What if I want to stop selling a particlular product or products on my store?

    If you want to discontinue certain products from your catalog, all you need to do is find the product on your edit product tab, select product and just block it. That's it--The product has now been blocked from your catalog.

  • I would like to able to include a picture of my products on my store. Will I be able to do that on thecommercecafe?

    By all means. You can easily upload upto as many as 5 pics per product, for all of your products, right from your store dashboard. Visitors to your online store would also be able to view a zoomed-in image of the pic, when they hover their cursor over the thumbnail image of the product.

  • I want to be able to prominently display a few of my signature products on my home page permanently. Is that possible?

    Of course it is. We have included an option to select as many as 4-10 products from each category, which can be featured on your home page depending upon the layout you have selected.Those image will be displayed by scrolling one by one

  • How to add Link in the Product description section

    To add link, follow below steps.

    a) Write your word which you want to link at the required place in Product description.

    b) Select the complete word.

    c) We provide HTML editor, with the help of this you can insert any content like, images, videos, or styled text.

    d) Add your link in the section provided and complete the process.

    By doing this, you link gets added on the Product description section.

Managing Stock

Adding new Product

  • Special Features which are not in any other stores.

    Your store will have special features like BTO, Tally integration, attribute wise pricing.

  • What is BTO.

    BTO stands for Build to order- by this special feature, end user can have his order in bulk or as a single order with assembeled sub products, Ex:if user wants to purchase desktop of any brand, he just need to click our BTO tab which lists all assembleable product, select quantity and go for order, thats it.

  • What is Tally integration.

    Your store will be having tally integration module, by this you can import all your store information to tally by just one button click which is related to account .

  • How attribute wise pricing works.

    there is a unique pricing by its attribute, for example a t-shirt may come in different size, for each size you can fix your own price, this is how it works.

  • How to manage my store

    In your store admin panel you will have a feel of standard ERP structure, which boost your comfort level.

  • What exactly my admin panel has ?

    1. Admin has settings on currency,country, state, user,payment, shipping, vendor, email, vat, SEO, Invoice settings, BTO

    2. Product add/edit, brand , category, pricing, purchase order, intake order, import products

    3. Goodown for your store, transfering stock from goodown to goodown

    4. Keep track of user orders, order processing, shipping and all related reports

    5. Store front design by plenty of themes

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