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Tally Integration

Independent software vendors, business ‘component’ builders and in-house IT shops at customer locations, the information here will enable you to appreciate the technical aspects of potential business opportunities with Tally.ERP 9

Site Map

The Sitemaps protocol allows a webmaster to inform search engines about URLs on a website that are available can be searched in google search more intelligently. Sitemaps is been included in all stores provided by thecommercecafe.

Secure Encrypted URL

Dynamically encrypted URLs prevent anyone from sending illegal requests or malicious user data to the application server. Attackers cannot see the request details or the URL parameters because they are encrypted. Hence we provide security to all stores.

RSS Feed

RSS (Rich Site Summary); often called Really Simple Syndication, here you can get recent updations of store

Reward Points

Loyalty programs are structured marketing efforts that reward, and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior – behavior which is potentially beneficial to the firm.

Gift Cards

A gift card is a restricted monetary equivalent or scrip that is issued by retailers to be used as an alternative to a non-monetary gift.


A computer program or system intended to distinguish human from machine input, typically as a way of thwarting spam and automated extraction of data from websites.


There is no need to worry about the shipment as the whole shipping procedure will be carried out by thecommercecafe team. The only simple procedure for store owner is to choose their shipping partner.

Currency Wise Pricing

We provide the flexibility of accepting the various currencies as it is purely related to the store owner. For example he/she can set currencies for their store as Rupees, US Dollar, Euro.

Returnable Products

The store onwer's provide a unique feature which enables him to set the particular product as returnable or non-returnable. That avoids onwer after sales service problems.

Cross Selling

We provide the flexibility of displaying related products on each store for customers/viewers while shopping on their store. So it works as one of the marketing strategy.

Compare Products

There is a facility of comparing the products of your store with the other products. So that he/she can come to a conclusion of buying the product.

Social Media Integration

Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks. So customers can like,follow your store on social media. It helps for the publicity.


Search helps the customers in finding the required products by sorting/selecting the product's category or name on your store.

Scroller Images

We provide the concept of themes where scroller images are involved, these scroller images helps in advertising the products of the store such as special offer banners.

Filtering Options

Filtering is the best way of getting the required product easily. This helps in finding the product by selecting product's color, size, price etc so that customers can reach to their product more efficiently.

Save Product

Customers can save the products as well as add to the wish list of registered user's account for later purchase. So that they can purchase it when ever they need it.

Up Selling

Up selling is the way of selling other products which may/may not be related products. Store admin will be having the provision to select upselling products.

Dynamic Description

Customers can view the description about the products dynamically like its features, reviews, availability, video, attachments, general description and technical description.

Pincode Feature

Helps the customers to check whether the service is available to their area, also about the applicable shipping charges by entering the pincode, owner can vary charges to respective pincodes. He/she even has the authority to block pincodes at any moment.

3 Methods of Order

Customers can order their product through phone calls, through mobile site, and through web sites.

Dynamic Footer

We provide the authority to admin for setting the footer content dynamically by using admin settings, this footer content can be added by html editor.

Vat %

Vat varies from product to product, so only admin can assign different Vat % for different products. Henceforth perfect invoices will be generated.


This is a authority given to the store admin to all the repective/customizable events happening in the store such as forgot password, gift card created, order placed email.

SMS Delivery

Alert customers about all important activities running on the store. Automated sms notifications will be sent upon these activities like placing the order, shipping details, delivery details, coupon delivered.

14 Days Trial

We provide the creation of store for trial of 15 days free to users without any fees or commitments. So that they can experience their own real shopping store.

Partner or Agent

Stores are not only created directly with, we also provide affiliate user program with best commission percentage. For more details contact. Call [at] :91 836 2323939/2323940, + 91 9590960041.

Shipping Partners

Here every store owner can have many shipping partners, through them they can deliver the products to customers in right time.

Plenty of Themes

Every store will be provided with plenty of themes, by using these themes the store admin can make his store look more attractive to the viewers.


Store owner can keep track of end user orders, their order status, also they can give user wise offers.

Bulk Import

Store owners easily import data from their old database to this store database, by this they can reduce data entry work.

Intake Products

We provide the facility to add products easily to store stock by taking/borrowing products from many vendors.

Stock Transferring

There is a provision for stock exchange, this means that products can be transferred from one outlet to other outlet, so that they can have the clear picture of their stock in all outlets.


Blogs include the day today experiences of the store with the world, thier recent posts, comments and the on going changes. Every store can mention their own blog, store admin has the authority to block unwanted comments.


Stores include many marketing techniques like deal of the day, hot offers, bulk offers, coupon offers and many other discounts. This helps the development of store by having many customers.

Email Notification

Alert customers about all important activities on the store. Automated email notifications will be sent upon failed login by forgot password, registration email, order placed, order shipped, order delivered, coupon delivered.

Interact With Customers

We provide the way to keep in touch with the customers by having the live chat. With an array of intelligent apps, also we provide help and support or gather feedback, all in real-time.

Shopper Saving

We plan to give the holiday-special promotional sale upon having a shopping of more than Rs.2000 or more. We can create discount coupons and codes right from the dashboard with the efficient discount coupons functionality. These are dependent on the customers purchase in the store.

Detailed Product Images

Any picture is worth a thousand words. Highlighted product images with zooming enabled for your customers to check out even those minute product features. This gives a clarification about the product.

SEO Optimized

Thecommercecafe provides you the best SEO techniques which are applied to your website in order to provide optimal content and structure for search engines. This helps in finding the store efficiently.

Enable/Disable Products

We provide a flexibility to the store admin of temporarily blocking a particular product from being visible on their store.

Click To Enlarge

Make your customer feel like they have walked into your store, looking your product closely. Enlarging the product image gives your customer the feel of actual shopping unlike virtual shopping.

Store Performance

Keep a track of your store performance to increase your market boundaries. Google Analytics helps to reinvent your marketing strategy every day.

Customize Payment Options

We provide the facility of payment by cash on home delivery(COD), as well as they can pay online by using payment modes such as debit card, credit card. So admin has the authority to customize the payment mode depending on the area.

Store-Front Customization

Mark your territory. Add your branding to your online store too. Include your brand's logo on the home page alongwith displaying beautiful custom banners.

Thecommercecafe Tracking

It helps to get detailed analytics about your store like which all products sell the most, in what quantity and the revenue generated by each right on your Google Analytics dashboard.

Logistics Support

Don't let logistics burn a hole in your pockets! Save on your product delivery costs with thecommercecafe logistics support, brought to you at specially subsidized rates.

Mobile Layouts

Your stores are going to look equally awesome on mobile devices! Layout 5 brings to you a gorgeous array of themes, which are supported by mobile devices as well.

Stay Informed

Now you're/The end users are now the part of the thecommercecafe family! We'll always personally get in touch with you to keep you updated with the new features as they are released.

Marketing Emails

Email marketing is the cheapest way of customer acquistion! Choose between scheduling marketing newsletter monthly,fortnightly,weekly or just once to go out right from your thecommercecafe dashboard.

Custom Delivery Date & Time Check Out

We provide the customized delivery. For example if a customer wants a product delivered on 21st Aug & at 12 in the night? So here we provide the authority to choose delivery date and time during checkout.

Sort & Filter Orders

Need a recent list of all COD orders to ship them out today? Quick sort your orders by date and filter by payment method right from your dashboard.

Print Invoices

There is a provision to edit your invoices and print them straight from the order module itself. Also there is a option to save it as a document.

Download Order Data

We provide the access to receive order data. Download your order data according to your time requirements in a simple Excel format.

Enquiry Only Product

We have the option for customers to enquire about the product before purchasing it with the "Enquiry Only" button instead of the "Buy Now" button. So that the end user comes to a conclusion about the product.

Bulk-Edit Products

Quickly edit a whole bunch of your products without having to do it individually for every product. Change product category, restrict COD option and much more with this feature.

Talk About Your Company

Make the customers feel attractive about their store. Create n-number of static pages,like About Us or Brand & let your customers feel better to connect with your store.

Personalized Shopping (Customer Account)

We allow the customer to keep track of all actions performed by the them in the store. Create an personal account for each customer on signing up where in they can find all their details and orders placed by them.

Secure Shopping (SSL)

We are responsible for online transactions. Hence they are secure with SSL certification.


End users can review the products for his better shopping experience, by giving his valuable feedback.


End Users can rate the products, rating of products makes to identify product globally.

Add To Wishlist

Here we add products to wishlist before adding products to the cart, user can save his products in temporary cart named wishlist. He can view it any time and he can order it any time before product goes out of the stock.

Guest Checkout

We make the online shopping easier. By allowing a customer to do a guest checkout, without even having to enter a password.

Customizable Email Notifications

Design your email format however you want it to be sent to your customers. Customize the email content to be sent on all automated events.

Manage Your Inventory

Effortlessly manage your online store inventory. According to purchase order, easily you can keep track of the store inventory alerts.

Know Your Customers

View customer ratings and reviews on the products that you are selling and understand your customer's most liked product and more selling products.

Order Management

We maintain the organized reports that are available for all sections of the orders i.e new orders, dispached orders, deliverd order and change the status of all the orders just on a click.

Store-Front Customization

Mark your front design more attractive and user friendly just by applying the new themes available in your theme store, change main logo, brand images etc.

Give All Brand Information

Write a page related to the brand available in your store and give a detailed information to the customer, you can create many number of such pages in footer for all the brands that are available.

Temporarily Disable Products

Temporarily disable out-of-stock products from being visible on your store without having to delete them. Enable them when they are back in stock.


There will be 6 marketing stratergies like, 1.Product coupon, 2.User coupon, 3.Hot Offers, 4.category offers, 5.combo offers, of the day.

Sitemap Submission Tool

For the better and cleare approach we are providing sitemap which gives track of product from its root to end

24/7 Tech Support

We have special supporting team for the purpose to meet all in personal, and we are available 24/7.

Promotional Support

We provide you enough of promotional activities for your marketing stratergies, to be ahead of all online shopping stores.

Lifetime Free Updates

Updation/Modification of product is completly free at any moment, for life time.

Quick Add to Cart Option

Dynamic cart allows you for fast shopping like never before, add , edit, delete, check stock, availability, shipping charge, shipping service to your area, all at one place and quick.

Order-Based Shipping

Shipping is provided based on order priorities , we can apply priorities to customer order.

Country-Based International Shipping

We provide international shipping with our international shipping partners,fast,on time and committed.

Restrict Discount Coupons

Attract your customer by various marketing discount stratergies like coupon(User coupon and Product Coupon).

Alert of Low Stock Products

You will get complete look of product tracking reports including low stock alert. Low stock alert will generate automatically.

Block Ip Address

You can block IP address of those who enters bad reviews. You can have a look at all the reviews based on products and date wise.

Promotional Discount

As per your requirement you can create discounts for the products that are available in your store such create customerwise coupons or productwise coupons or categorywise discounts or bulkorder discounts etc. These discounts can be applied on only selected items.

Restrict COD to Specific Products

COD is good option for any ecommerce site for both end user and store admin, but when it is in limit.You can restrict the COD facility for the specified product that you want to sell.

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